When strangers meet in the name of tourism


At Copper Views*, we create visual stories that roam the world. Sometimes they are groundbreaking, trendy or cutting-edge, but they always put something in motion.

We make commissioned as well as independent documentaries and journalistic reports about subjects that matter and that provoke discussions. Subjects that raise some dust. And eyebrows. We are constantly looking for heartfelt stories and special characters. We build up compelling stories through images and content from an unexpected angle. Our documentaries open up dialogues and we love getting talkative ourselves too. In addition, we are specialized in the production of educational modules that complement the audiovisual productions. Our work is characterized by an involved and dedicated approach, an experienced and professional team and in joint production with local communities. Trans-cultural understanding and mutual respect is therefore the core of our business, which gives all our productions an added value.

And when are we truly satisfied? Not until our productions in one way or another contribute to a better understanding in the world. Yes we are realists, but a hint of idealism is our driving force.

If you would like to know what Copper Views can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact us!


*Copper Views was previously named I Camera You Productions